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February 09, 2012



She is super cute. Have no advice on the other. That is sad, and your right people feel if it is on the web...sigh.

Lynn Brookside

Good for you, Asela. You stood on your principles even when someone else had NONE! I'm glad the company, at least, was good about it. I'm sorry that you had such an awful experience though. That's gotta hurt.
Love this little ballerina. If you ever decide to share her, I have a little granddaughter that would fall in love with her the instant she saw her.


This is great work! I am sorry though to hear that others do such things. Makes me sad.



Hi Asela!
personnaly i have no problem to pay for the image i like because i think this is fair to retribute the artist who made it. Gina K seems to be a good compagny where i bought all of the stamps you made and maybe you can make stamps with them with your new image? The first time i discover you was when i realise that all the stamps i bought was drawn by you in a compagny ( impression obsession i guess). I think it is okay to make few money with your talent, you deserve it :)


She is so very sweet, right down to the pearls in her hair, glad to see you didn't give up on her!

Mary Havlovic

Can you watermark your drawings on the internet when you post them? That way they can't be copied or reproduced without a visible watermark? Just a thought.... By the way I love your drawings and hope you can find a way to protect your work.

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