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January 25, 2011



Oooooooooooooooooooooo.....I LOVE THIS!!! You really captured her sassiness..........she's sweet, but even at 6 years old now; she still wants to write the rule-book! Thank you Asela!! You can practice on my pets anytime!!


Share away, your artwork is breathtaking.

paru mahtani

How can i mind?!! Your drawings are breathtaking! Keep inspiring us!
Paru Mahtani

Mary Anne K.

OMGosh Asela, I am blown away! This is just so amazing, I am at a loss for words! The sheen of the coat is so cool, not to mention the texture of the muzzle!


Wow, this is realy fantastic! Can't imagine you did it with prisma's. So beautiful!
I hope you 're gonna make more and show them to us of course! What a talent you have.


Amazing, Asela. Just stunning!

Dee DiGiambattista

Asela your pictures are stunning!!! I know I would love to see more, and I can't believe they are only 5.5 WOW!!!

Peggy Maier

Asela, you are such a talented lady! I'm glad you're getting more of a chance to illustrate too. Wonderful pictures!

Peggy M - The Wired Angel

Wow... you are super-talented.. I'm envious.. wish I could draw anything but stick figures!! :)

Karen Lawrence

You are an amazing artist. Don't hide that talent! I have a wonderful black lab and wish I could find someone to produce a drawing of him like that. Love your work.

Karen H

Fantastic, I can almost feel her fur. This is too good to hide away and needs to be on display.


This is jaw dropping! Good heavens she looks like she could just leap off of the page and come to life.

Karen Gladney

You can share your drawings anytime. You are a real talent for sure. Awesome job. I have always wished I had talent to draw.

Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Enjoy your day!

Susan B

This drawing is absolutely stunning! I am certainly looking forward to whatever you are willing to share on your blog. You are one talented lady!

Doris D.

Oh my goodness! This is breathtaking. The shading is perfect. Such talent. Thanks for sharing.


Fantastic, are you giving these to your friend, what a special gift that would be, wonderful work!

jean wilson

Wow!!! Keep it coming!


INCREDIBLE!!! This looks almost like a photo, not a drawing...WOW!!! YOU ROCK!!!

Marie Gamber

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Trena in Naperville

This is awesome!! Nice to see you illustrating again (I have the card you sent me with your lovely fish in my stamping headquarters)!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Gail R.

How talented you are, Asela! Beautifully done!


wow I could reach out and pet her she looks so soft and what a cutie patootie! I am so excited you decided to share as I have been wondering if you were going to. I love it!

Carolyn G.

Absolutely wonderful. Beautiful coloring.

Crafty Math Chick

Your dog drawings are AWESOME Azela!! WOW!! Do you think in the future you might illustrate some canines for Gina K? That would ROCK!! I know with your attention to detail, like in your Nesting set, it would be breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing your art with us.


Wonderful drawings of both the boxers - such incredible detail!!!!!


My gosh, you are so talented! I love your drawings, they are amazing! have a great day! Kerrie


Your dog rocks!!!


You drew this?!?!?! Holy smokes girl - this is AMAZING!!!! WOW!!!!


both dog drawings and the lily for your parents are AMAZING! I AM FLOORED by your God-given gifts!!

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